Why Us?

Why Us?

Our Values Drive Us

The Company’s corporate philosophy goes beyond a mere philanthropic gesture. Sukraft integrates interest, welfare and aspirations of the community for inclusive development thereby spreading smiles on the faces of their customers.


Sukraft has emerged as a forerunner in providing quality products and services in the industry. The company has passionately worked towards providing top notch quality product. We as a team constantly strive to increase our reach and engage more with our customers in order to understand their changing needs and requirements and come up with specific products as per their needs.

No variation in GSM:

At Sukraft, quality and consistency is achieved by using cutting-edge technology. Uniform quality parameters in all reels, pulp screening, guaranteed GSM and advanced machine automation ensures consistent quality. For better yield of paper, we have optimum paper moisture controlled automatically.

Special care about bursting factor and RCT:

Tensile strength and extensibility of the material imparts bursting strength to our products. Sukraft products have high elasticity and high tear resistance, designed for packaging products with high demands for strength and durability. Premium quality fibre usage-Excellent quality fibres are used during the process to produce quality paper. We optimise our processes, evaluate alternate fibrous raw material, and identify functional additives for product development and improvement of the process and quality. We are also involved in expanding farm forestry program to secure fibre supply.

COBB value and GSM:

Sukraft papers are durable and special care has been taken to minimise the loss of strength due to high humidity. Our Kraft papers have a constant COBB value. Our Kraft papers range to an appreciable 240 GSM and 24 BF.

Complete eco friendly and modernized plants:

Our pressure energy efficient power plant unit effectively reduces coal consumption and consequently, company’s carbon footprint. We have exemplary compliance towards environmental considerations by way of treatment of waste water, atmospheric emission etc. Sukraft’s solid waste recycling programme helps in the creation of a clean and green environment through awareness and education of citizens on source segregation and recycling of dry waste.

Strong dealer network:

Sukraft has a very strong distribution network chain involving credible dealers for timely delivery of products and service.

Cost effective services:

We at Sukraft, are involved in enhancing our brand equity and product portfolio to mitigate competition risk. We have deepened our engagement to promote holistic development, designed to respond to our customer’s need by providing them with cost-effective products and services.

Experienced staff:

Sukraft has about 1500 plus dedicated and skilled employees. Their honesty and strong work ethics is an asset to keep your company's morale high. The Company is committed towards society and its employee’s welfare as responsible entity through continued endeavours. Sukraft has moved beyond mere asset creation to behaviour change through focus on demand generation for all interventions thereby enabling participation, contribution and asset creation for the community as well its employee.
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