Welcome to Sukraft

In our endeavour to become a morally and socially responsible organisation, we relentlessly toil to make our processes environment friendly.

Sukraft, since its inception in 1996 has been flying high brandishing strong work ethics, corporate social responsibility and high standard customer service through their dream product ‘Kraft paper’.

Founder of the company, Patel family can be rightly called as born krafters. We at sukraft, craft so hard that we sweat glitters. Sukraft has emerged as a leading manufacturer, dealer, distributor and supplier of Kraft papers across India.

  • Our Mission

    • To make intensive forays into research and development.
    • To focus on up gradation and innovation of technology. To provide impeccable environment friendly product and services.
    • To be a world class competition creating shareholder value by driving sales and generating loyal client base.

  • Our Vision

    • To sustain profitable growth.
    • To bring in an environmental attitude and make luxury all about sustainability and quality.
    • To be an example of how competitiveness and sustainability go hand in hand.
    • To position ourselves with a diversified portfolio of kraft paper in the paper market.
    • To be a dynamic benchmark by augmenting continuous growth in the paper industry.

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At Sukraft ‘Go Green’ philosophy is deeply integrated into our business model. We constantly strive towards making environmentally responsible choices. Environmental Protection and Waste Minimisation is the responsibility of every employee and for people working for and on behalf of the company this aspect will be an integral part of their working life.

We Support “Save Trees” thus 100% of Raw Material is Recycled

Every day our society is confronted with the reality that the planet’s resources are limited. At Sukraft, we are committed to the responsible use of our natural resources. We make paper using recycled fiber generated in our unique integrated deinking and re-pulping system, giving new life to discarded paper.

Clean Environment



We have been responsible towards our planet’s resources by using renewable & recyclable raw materials improving energy efficiency with better practices.


We actively assess existing and potential environmental and social impact and adapt to refine our sustainability strategy.


We at Sukraft are focused on providing quality products and are actually involved in the whole supply chain from the procurement, operation and delivering products to our communities.


We look at the world through the sustainability lens and use natural raw materials optimising environmental and social impacts.

Complete Eco-Friendly & Highly
Modernized Paper Plants.


Trees saves everyday


Plants across India

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