Quality Policy

Quality is the best policy

Sukraftiness is Happiness

Sukraft is committed to manufacturing consistent high quality Kraft papers harmonizing the best technology and generate values for our stakeholders today and in the future. We aim at achieving excellence in enterprise management by using our environmental procedures to harness maximum growth. Our actions are directed towards creating an image of a reliable and professional company in the paper market. We constantly strive for long term satisfaction of our clients. In our endeavour to become a morally and socially responsible organisation, we relentlessly toil to make our processes environment friendly. As an important principle in quality management, we follow certain pre defined quality guidelines in the interest of our stakeholders and environment.

We have been working in accordance with the internationally applied demands for quality of products and services. Our clear set goals act as an anchor to provide products and services with an added value. We progressively work according to international standards trying our best to monitor the potential risks and impact on the surrounding. We constantly assess potential risks and try to minimise its impact and eliminate those risks by undertaking preventive measures.
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